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Fluido Ricci Perfetti extra riccio

Extra Curly

Perfect Curls Fluid

Defines, hydrates and enhances curls in just a few steps.

Delicacy is the first property of Perfect Curls Fluid, the go-to solution for taming even the most extreme curls, leaving them supple, soft and absolutely perfect.

The cream’s formula is based on the proven combination of Rice Protein and a plant-based molecule. A combination that enhances the product’s action on the hair: an enveloping film steeped in moisture is created on each individual curl to restore maximum elasticity in a completely natural and profound way. The results? Long-lasting spring for every curl, stylishly marking the transition from rebellious wavy hair to stunning curls.

FORMAT 150 ml

Fluido Ricci Perfetti extra riccio

Extra Curly

For a dynamic style, choose the controlled movement of Cielo Alto Extra Riccio.

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After washing your hair with Cielo Alto Perfect Curls Shampoo, pour a few drops of the product onto the palm of your hand and evenly distribute over wet hair.
Do not rinse.
Avoid getting the product in your eyes. If you do, rinse them thoroughly with water.

Perfect drying secret: place curly hair onto a diffuser and move in a circular motion.

Super hydrated, defined and supple curls
With a typical ‘springy' appearance
For an airy and sophisticated look

Shampoo Ricci Perfetti extra riccio

Perfect Curls Shampoo

Gently revitalises your hair, restoring its natural elasticity.

Mousse disciplinante modella Ricci extra riccio

Curl Defining Frizz-Control Mousse

Hydrates, softens and defines in just a few steps.

Maschera Ricci Perfetti

Perfect Curls Mask

Top definition and nutrition from the root.

Fluido Riempitivo Texturizzante Filler

Texturizing Filler Fluid

Instant anti-ageing effect for immediately fuller hair.

Fluido Lisciante termoprotettivo anti-crespo extra liscio

Heat protection anti frizz straightening fluid

Helps smooth and straighten the hair, protecting it from the heat of hairdryers and flat irons.

Trattamento Perle di Argan

Argan Pearl Treatment

Restructures hair, adding volume.

Cristalli Liquidi ai semi di Lino

Flax Seed Liquid Crystals

Also prevents, treats and repairs split ends.

Lucidante Cristalli Liquidi ai semi di Lino

Flax Seed Liquid Crystal Shine Spray

For an extraordinary long-lasting brightening effect.

Top 10 olio - NO LINEA**

Multi-Action Express Serum

Ten-in-one action for perfect looking hair at all times.

Lozione Schiarente al fior di Camomilla e Miele - NO LINEA**

Honey and Chamomile Flower Lightening Lotion

Nourishes and gently lightens, step by step.

Nuvola - NO LINEA**


Neutralises unpleasant odours, leaving your hair delicately perfumed.

Acqua Magica - NO LINEA**

Magic Water

Instant smoothing and brightening treatment.