Extra Curly

For a dynamic style, choose the controlled movement of Cielo Alto Extra Riccio.

As you well know, the wild waves of curly and frizzy hair require time, perseverance and dedication. And if you want to restore the natural elasticity and hydration but also the sinuosity and definition of your hair, the right answer is always a Cielo Alto Extra Riccio product.
So many solutions, so many ways to tame rebellious hair and ensure perfect curls thanks to the different properties of the various product formulas. And what about the style?
Always your own, whether a total comfort look or airy and refined with dynamic and long-lasting styling.

Perfect Curls Shampoo

Gently revitalises your hair, restoring its natural elasticity.


Perfect Curls Fluid

Defines, hydrates and enhances curls in just a few steps.


Curl Defining Frizz-Control Mousse

Hydrates, softens and defines in just a few steps.


Perfect Curls Mask

Top definition and nutrition from the root.