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Fluido Riempitivo Texturizzante Filler


Texturizing Filler Fluid

Instant anti-ageing effect for immediately fuller hair.

The instant thickening effect of Texturising Filler Fluid seems like magic.
But in reality it is all the result of Cielo Alto's expertise and in-depth research.

With each application your hair gets a boost of energy, body and tone thanks to a carefully weighted formula involving the combined action of Goji Berry extract and Keratin. Applied to washed and towel-dried hair after Energising Compacting Shampoo, this Fluid acts immediately by enveloping the hair shaft, reconstructing its texture and creating an additional layer around it which instantly increases its diameter. Now all you need to do is style and your hair will look visibly thicker, denser and more vibrant. Irresistible.

FORMAT 150 ml

Fluido Riempitivo Texturizzante Filler


Is time taking its toll on your hair? Stop it in its tracks with the Filler line! For instantly plumper, toned and full-bodied hair.

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Dispense a few drops on your hands and evenly distribute over washed and towel-dried hair, avoiding contact with the eyes.
Apply light pressure to the lengths and ends to help the fluid penetrate and attach itself to the hair.


Immediate filler effect
Thicker, fuller hair
Glowing with health

Shampoo Compattante Energizzante Filler

Energizing Compacting Shampoo

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