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Crema Perle di Argan

Argan Pearls

Argan Pearl Cream

For brighter and wonderfully silky locks.

Argan Pearl Cream deeply restructures damaged, brittle and dry hair, restoring its vitality with extraordinary shine.

The ancient secret of beautiful hair is handed down from generation to generation and is now revealed to us in the form of this smooth and illuminating cream. The beneficiaries of this treatment are all those with damaged, dry, fragile or stressed hair which is given a new lease of life and vitality, instantly appearing silkier, lighter, fuller and extraordinarily radiant. Thanks to this cream your hair will once again be nourished, hydrated and springy when combed.

FORMAT 500 ml

Crema Perle di Argan

Argan Pearls

Strength, nourishment and beauty: the wonders of the Cielo Alto argan pearl elixir.

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After shampooing, apply a small amount of the product to damp hair, massaging in lightly.
Comb through and leave in for a few minutes.
Rinse thoroughly.

Tip: for drier hair and a more complete treatment, begin by washing with Argan Pearl Shampoo then finish with Cielo Alto Argan Pearl Oil.

Light, full-bodied hair
Extraordinarily soft and shiny locks
Voluminous and attractive look

Shampoo Perle di Argan

Argan Pearl Shampoo

Nourishes and hydrates deep down along the entire length.

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Argan Pearl Treatment

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Shampoo Perle di Argan

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