5 tips for extra-perfect extra-straight hair

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The charm of perfectly straight hair is impossible to resist.
However, even though this type of hair is always love at first sight, it takes much longer to make it perfectly straight.
Let’s see how.
In 5 steps, each with its own secret.

1. A specific shampoo
Using a shampoo with straightening and anti-frizz effects - just like Cielo Alto Extra-Straight Straightening and Smoothing Shampoo with Keratin and Bamboo Extract - is essential to make your hair more flexible, smooth, easier to comb, protected and moisturized.
Here is the ritual to follow: wet the hair abundantly, pour the shampoo into the palm of your hand, rub gently and only on the scalp, because the lengths do not need too much shampoo: they will already be cleaned by the shampoo without the need to rub it in.
Massage the scalp with circular and soft movements, rinse and repeat. 

2. The rinse with a thrill
Finish off the second rinse - the final rinse - with a jet of cold water: it stimulates the hair cuticles to close again, reducing the frizzy effect. And it's good for your blood circulation too!

3. Enhance the straight effect with Cielo Alto Extra-Straight Straightening and Smoothing Fluid
Gently dab your hair, without rubbing it, and comb it in its natural direction, from top to bottom. And now it's time for the Straightening & Smoothing Fluid: divide your hair into 4/5 sections, apply a knob of Fluid in each section with a light massage, starting from the roots to the tips.

4. Drying: slowly, from top to bottom
Direct the air of the hair dryer vertically, from top to bottom and start removing any excess water with your hands. Always keep the hairdryer at least 20 centimeters away, with the jet facing downwards, from the top of the head down towards the tips. Important: move the hair dryer continuously, so that it doesn't dry out your hair.
When they are dry, blow a last breath of cold air that has the same function as the cold rinsing water: it closes the hair cuticles properly, to prevent the frizzy effect.

5. Brush and hair straightener, without overdoing it
Now it's time for the brush: a round one, specific for straight hair, is better.
When your hair is completely dry, run the hair straightener at a temperature lower than 180°: move it from top to bottom, avoiding to go over the same lock several times in order not to stress it.

Now you're ready, with your perfectly straight and smooth hair!