Why are Argan Pearls so valuable for dry, brittle or frizzy hair?

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It is hard to find a natural element more beneficial for your hair than Argan oil!

Argan is the fruit of Argania Spinosa, a plant that grows in the semi-desert areas of Morocco.
Just to give you an idea about the strength of this plant, think that it lives over 200 years in environmental conditions that are anything but ideal, and because it is accustomed to the harsh conditions of the desert and its aridity, the Argan plant is incredibly valuable for dry hair.
The oil that is cold extracted from its fruit, in fact, is rich in emollient, moisturising, elasticising and nourishing properties, as well as essential fatty acids and antioxidant agents. These characteristics make it particularly effective in counteracting free radicals. And thanks to the high content of vitamin E, Argan oil has unbeatable effectiveness in moisturising dry hair.
In short, it is a true health and beauty treatment for the hair, precious for mitigating the damage caused by dyeing and bleaching, and with a strong moisturising action!
But there’s more: it is also effective in treating and reducing split ends and frizzy effects!

Here’s the magic touch
Cielo Alto Argan Pearls is an ultra-light strengthening oil without residue. In addition to Argan oil, it also contains Macadamia oil, with emollient and moisturising properties. Applied to brittle and damaged hair, it nourishes and moisturises bestowing softness, silkiness and radiance.

What is your goal?
Restoring elasticity, moisturising and compacting the cuticles.
Every evening apply a few drops to dry hair on the length and tip, massage gently to facilitate absorption, comb and leave in place overnight. It is quickly and completely absorbed, so it will not stain your pillow. Of course, if you want to have an even more effective result, go to sleep wearing a shower cap that wraps around your hair, it will create a protection net for the treatment.

Taming curly hair while avoiding a frizzy effect
Apply a small amount of product lock by lock on the length and tips every day. Finally, lightly heat the locks with a diffuser for a few seconds.

Strengthening and detangling
Pour 2-3 drops on the palm of your hand, warm them up by rubbing them between your hands and apply to damp hair along the entire length. Comb and dry with the hair dryer at minimum temperature and from a safe distance.

Giving the finishing touch
To complete the hairstyle, pour a couple of drops on your fingertips and run them through your hair to close the ends and bestow a very light and non-oily style to your hair.  

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