How to fixdull and lifeless hair

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You look at your hair so dull and lifeless and say, "Is that really mine?" Because you don't recognize it.
Then it's time to restore its energy and brightness.

Let's start with everyday gestures.
After shampooing it, rinse it with a nice jet of cold water: it will be a burst of energy for your hair (and also for your whole body).
Brush them gently, always starting with the tips.
And while we're at it, let's get a haircut to brighten up your hair.
Remember, beautiful hair begins at the table. Food can help a lot. Try to opt for food rich in fatty acids (such as fish), iron (liver, eggs, beans, whole grains, dark chocolate) and lots of fruit and vegetables.
Then you need the right products. Linseed is an ancient natural remedy. Its beneficial effect on the hydrolipidic protection of the hair is precious to increase the hair moisture and keep it elastic and resistant. This element is the base of Cielo Alto Linseed Liquid Crystal Line.

This restructuring and vitalizing beauty routine consists of 3 steps.

1. The Flax seeds Liquid Crystal Shampoo gently cleanses your hair, making them brighter. For softer and brighter hair.

2. Liquid Crystals is the instant brightening and restructuring treatment. Apply it on damp hair, focusing on the tips, to prevent the formation of split ends.
Style as usual, without rinsing it off.

3. Flax seeds Liquid Crystals Shine has the function of making your hair bright and shiny. This finishing spray should be used on dry and styled hair.
The special seal on the hair creates an immediate long-lasting light effect, while protecting it at the same time from external agents (sun, pollution, wind).

Here are the remedies and products that we recommend to make your dull and lifeless hair brighter and more vital. Because all kinds of hair deserve to be full of beauty and life!