Eco-Friendly No Gas
Lock Hairspray

Designed for those who like wavy and curly hairstyles that need a long-lasting hair fixing.

- Keeps the curls compact and soft, preventing their undoing.
- Prevents excessive volume boosts.
- Anti-frizzy effect.
- Makes the hair shiny.
- Protects the hair against the weather.
- Doesn’t wet the hair or make it sticky, and it comes off with a brush stroke.

FORMAT 250 ml / 75 ml

Lacca Ecologica Lock


Spray on your hair from 20 cm away.

To shape:
- Spray on wet hair and dry.

To give special shapes:
- Spray on the hair strands and hold until dry.

For fixing and shine effect:
- Spray evenly on your hairstyle.

Lacca Ecologica Volumizzante}

Eco-Friendly No Gas
Volumizing Hairspray

Long-lasting volumizing fixing, shine and hair protection.

Lacca Silk tenuta leggere}

Eco-Friendly No Gas
Silk Hairspray

Light and soft fixative effect, shine and hair protection.

Lacca Volumi Naturali}

No Gas Natural
Volume Hairspray

Volume, structure and body boost for thin hair.