Winter hair looks: cuts, treatments and colours for the colder months

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After the fall season (and we don’t just mean falling leaves, unfortunately), the hair needs reinforcing and recovery. That’s why a nice short cut is perfect for this time of year. And that’s not all: winter needs to be the season for taking care of our hair, in the same way as we snuggle under the covers or enjoy a relaxing sofa+hot drink combo.

So let’s see what we can do to make sure our hair looks and feels good this winter.


The perfect cuts for autumn
In winter, we tend to hide our hair under hats, caps, and scarves.  But when we free our hair, it still needs to look good and create a wow effect. That's also why a nice short, layered cut is perfect. It is easier to manage and keep in place, even under a thick hat, and can be easily shaken back in place the minute it’s uncovered.

The fringe never goes out of fashion
Fringes are even being worn long this year, to give a more feminine look, arriving almost at brow level to highlight the eyes. Long over the eyes, including on bob styles with fringe. This season’s fringe is inspired by men’s cuts, becoming almost quiff-like on extra-short, bold and irreverent styles  But the evergreen style that never goes out of fashion is the layered fringe, which creates volume and a versatile mood that adapts to different winter outfit styles: from the strict office dress to the more elegant end of year festive looks.


Care and pampering for winter
Electricity is in the air: continuous friction from hats, scarves, coats and sweaters charge hair with static electricity.

The aim is not to charge the hair with more stress, such as from straighteners, which we recommend putting away until spring.

Winter cold can damage the hair's fibre, but the rapid temperature changes between closed, heated areas (often excessively) and the cold outdoors can do even more damage.

Too much central heating can dry out hair, causing it to break. So, let’s not go overboard with radiators: it’s good for hair, for our pockets, and for the environment.

And keep your eye on shower temperatures, too.  We know that when you come home after a day out in the winter cold, then a long hot shower is a blessing. But you do need to make sure not to go too far, because when the water is too hot, it helps to open the scales on the hair shaft and that creates the dreaded frizz.

Winter treatments
In the winter, hair is affected by the natural cycle of the season, tending to look dull, just like the natural light in shorter daytime hours, or like plants that seem to hibernate. Here's what to do to help your hair get back some of its energy.

A protective moisture and vitality boost with Top10
Your hair needs something to restore shine and energy. A protective moisture and vitality boost.  Nothing better than Cielo Alto Top10, the Multi-action Express Serum, packed with softening and polishing Jojoba Oil, restructuring and replenishing Macadamia Oil, and antioxidant, strength-boosting Green Tea Extract.

It nourishes and repairs weakened, dehydrated, and damaged hair, detangles hair that’s hard to comb, softens hair that’s rough to the touch, and adds shine to dull hair. It also protects against external agents such as cold and thermal stress, as well as adding volume and body, compacting the hair shaft and preventing the formation of split ends.

More energy with Energising and Compacting Shampoo
In the winter, hair dries out a good deal and therefore, needs rehydrating with specific products. And in this case, Goji Berries with their anti-oxidant, energising action, can be a great help, together with Keratin to strengthen and repair the hair shaft. These are the active ingredients of Cielo Alto Energising and Compacting Filler Shampoo. A delicate cleansing action to add energy and hydration to hair.


A protective winter mask with Flax Seeds
Flax seeds naturally contain the perfect oil to strengthen the hair. Left on wet hair during a shower, Cielo Alto Flax Seed Liquid Crystals Cream is a restructuring treatment to add shine to dull, lifeless hair.  The effect is to coat the hair with a covering that leaves it soft, smooth, silky and full of shine.

What are this winter’s colours?
Even if creative stylists suggest ice colours, what functions well in this season are warm tones that contrast with the climate, but which combine perfectly with the desire for warmth and intimacy that are typical of winter. This means more chestnut brown in all different shades, from cocoa to mocha (the best shades always have the most appetising names!) Reds are darker this season, but with touches of orange for added boldness. Blondes can always use a few touches of cold, for some Snow Queen inspiration on what is doubtless an ethereal appeal.


So now, have you chosen your cut, your treatment and your favourite colour for winter?