What to do with low elasticity and frizzy curls?

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Every woman with curly hair knows that it takes endless attention: but who would give up on the beauty of curls? No one!

Let's review a few tips for a nourishing and protective treatment that revives and protects frizzy, low elasticity hair and ideas for keeping your hair looking at its best.
First of all, a trick to keep in mind: towel dry your hair as soon as you get out of the shower, using a smooth microfibre towel. Traditional terry towels, which are rougher, create friction on the hair, favouring static electricity and a frizzy effect. Just what we want to avoid!

Where to dry one’s hair?
We all do it: we get out of the shower, a quick towel dry, and then the hair dryer. Mistake! At that moment, the bathroom is full of steam from the shower, the sworn enemy of hair, especially curly hair. The ideal is to let fresh air in the bathroom well before drying your hair. Or, if we are in the heart of winter and after getting fresh air in the bathroom you feel like you are entering a freezer with wet hair, then it is better to dry your hair in another room.

And now it is time for the magic touch
Mix a few drops of Argan Pearls on the palm of your hand with the Perfect Curls Fluid. Apply to damp hair, from roots to tips. Now you can go on with the drying. It would be ideal to dry it naturally, but for those who just cannot resist the call of the hair dryer, it is mandatory to use the diffuser, which reduces the power of the air flow, limiting the stress on the hair.

Why this treatment
The Argan and Macadamia oils contained in the Argan Pearls are full of beneficial properties: the nourishing, protective and antioxidant action of the Argan Oil, and the emollient and moisturising one of Macadamia oil.
The Perfect Curls Fluid is based on Rice Proteins; basically, each curl is wrapped in a sheath of sorts that makes it moisturised and elastic, immune to the frizzy effects.
From the combination of these two products, the hair becomes soft, silky and full-bodied from root to tip, restructured and nourished, shiny and light without any greasiness.
Curls take on their beautiful springy shape with a "long memory" effect for a long-lasting style.

Keep it in mind!
Never, ever use a brush, even on damp hair. If you do it on dry hair you should be arrested! Just use a wide-tooth comb.

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