What to do about hair damaged by straightening iron and dyeing

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Too much hair straightener, too hot and too close hair dryer, too aggressive treatments: there are many factors that can damage the hair. Unfortunately, you are all too familiar with the results: the hair becomes brittle and stubbly, it breaks off or is full of split ends, it loses brightness and body.

Before we consider the remedies, let's remove the causes:
- Replace your hot air dryer with an ion one
- Stop treatments such as dying, bleaching and extensions

When washing your hair:
- The water temperature shouldn’t be too hot
- Massage your scalp, without rubbing the hair

After washing your hair:
- Towel dry your hair, without rubbing them forcefully
- Let them dry naturally
- No more brush, use a wide-toothed comb
- Avoid hair bands, tails, braids and buns: let your hair loose

Take your time. Stay an extra 5 minutes in the shower, so that you can both wash your hair gently, only on the scalp, without rubbing them forcefully, and apply the conditioner and let it work as long as necessary. What's more, this extra moment of relaxation will also be good for your spirit: it's your you-time, so enjoy it as if you were in your special home-Spa.

Comb with care. Goodbye brushes, as we said. Use wide-toothed combs and, to make it even gentler, if you have long hair, hold the roots with one hand, while you comb them.

If you really can't manage without a hair dryer, remember to keep it far from your head, at the minimum speed and temperature, without insisting on the same area for too long.

Okay, but in addition to these precautions, how can I repair my hair damaged by straightening iron, hair dryer and dyeing?
We took care of it with our Cielo Alto Repair Line.
We have created a cocktail of Keratin, Collagen, Arginine and Moringa extract.
Keratin, Collagen and Arginine penetrate hair cortex and consolidate the hair structure from the inside, repairing it and creating a real protective shield.
The Moringa extract protects the hair against heat and combats external deterioration agents.

The reinvigorating routine is very simple, and it consists of only two steps: shampoo and conditioner.
The Reinvigorating Shampoo improves the quality of the hair fiber. You'll notice immediately: your hair will look immediately toned, full-bodied and thick.
The Reinvigorating Conditioner helps close your hair cuticles more compact, making your hair easier to comb, pleasantly shiny and full-bodied, for a softness and vitality you’ve always dreamed of.

Keep up like this, and from now on be careful not to damage them anymore!