The perfect wax for creative hair effects: how to use it and make it high performance

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A decidedly more natural look: this is why hair wax is gaining an increasingly important role for men and women, alongside gels and hairspray and hair fixing products.

What should a good hair wax do?
- It must be suitable for both male and female haircuts and hair;
- Its effect must be natural, soft, without weighing down or hardening the hair;
- It must not leave any residue or patina on the hair;
- It should not dry out as soon as it is applied, but remain soft long enough to give the hair the desired effect, and allow it to be moulded throughout the day.

It is with these goals in mind that we have created the Creative Effects Wax with Yucca and White Spruce extracts: it gives shape to locks or the whole hair in a soft and natural way, making the hair shiny and bright!

Two simple tips
Apply the wax after wearing your clothes: it seems trivial, but it avoids both staining them and ruining the hair styling and... never use an iron after applying it!

How to apply it
Before applying the wax, make sure your hair is well cleaned and combed carefully to avoid knots. Applying the wax on dirty hair will not work miracles, on the contrary it will risk accentuating the greasy/oily effect, especially for those who have a tendency to grease! Place a small amount of wax between your fingers, and soften it by rubbing it between your palms.

Creative effects
To give shine to individual locks: apply a small amount to dry hair, shape and give a fixing blow with the hair dryer using cold air.
For a "beach effect": apply to the length of the locks on wet hair, shape and let dry naturally.
For a "wet effect": apply a small amount of product evenly throughout the hair.

The Creative Effects Wax has no fixing power: if you want to add shine and obtain a stronger hold, mix the wax with a small amount of Cielo Alto Eco-Friendly Volumizing Gel!
The effects you can create are infinite, from enhancing a lock of hair to refining a complex and original haircut Day by day you will discover new effects, to vary according to your look and your mood!