Perfect Hair Styling at home: mission impossible?

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Perfect hair styling like at the hairdresser, but at home. Impossible, you say? Of course, you can't become a hair stylist overnight, nor can you improvise when this is a profession that calls for constant updates on skills.
But something can be done. With the right products and a few tips, you'll be ready to create your own "do-it-yourself" hairstyle that may not be as perfect as the one of your trusted hairdresser, but that can save you in an emergency, such as on Sundays or statutory holidays.

1 - The products
Have you noticed how many products your hairdresser uses to do your hair? Don't worry, we're not telling you that you need to keep an endless supply of hair products at home. The important thing is to have the specific ones for your hair type: straight, full, dry, brittle, etc. A shampoo, conditioner, a protective product and a nourishing one, as long as they are suitable for your hair.

2 - Washing
Let's repeat the steps performed by professional hairstylists. Let's start with cleansing, a fundamental step to achieve a perfect style. Washing should be done using the specific shampoo for your hair type. Immediately after rinsing, it's time to nourish the hair and apply the hair conditioner. A mask and a nourishing treatment are essential, such as using the Repair Conditioner or Argan Pearls Cream, whose active ingredients penetrate the hair and nourish it without weighing it down.

3 - The hairstyle
Here we are. Don't worry, here specific products come to your rescue too. Like the Anti-Frizz Straightening Fluid, the Perfect Curls Extra Curly fluid or the Texturizing Filling Fluid, respectively for straight, curly and dry, brittle hair. These products are a real styling "boost": they extend the life and duration of the hairstyle, protecting the hair from humidity, and giving it strength and structure.

4 - The tools
A suggestion: go easy on the hair dryer and especially the iron. It's true that in order to make a hairstyle last longer you need to remove all moisture from freshly washed hair, but it's also true that heat is a source of stress and causes damage to the hair. So, blow dryer at low temperature and never too close to the hair, and as for the iron choose one with heat-protective materials that limit the thermal shock to the hair and try not to use it every day.
Always choose natural bristle brushes, which act on the hair in a more delicate and natural way.

4 - The finishing
You've put a lot of effort into creating your hairstyle, now you probably wish to complete the work properly. It's the last step, the one that characterises the look the most, and that keeps it in its shape and structure. And even on this topic, there are plenty of choices: Volumizing Hairspray, Strong Hairspray, Light Hairspray, Creative Effects Wax, Fibrous Modelling Paste, Gelacca that combines the advantages of gel and those of hairspray. With this variety of solutions and finishing possibilities, creating your DIY hairdo at home will be even more fun.