How many products do you need for brittle, damaged or dull hair?

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Those who suffer from hair difficult to manage (brittle, damaged, dull) know it very well: they have to juggle an endless number of jars, bottles and vials of hair products!

One to repair, one to nourish, one to protect, one to brighten, one to strengthen, one to moisturise and one to volumise.
Washing one’s hair becomes an alchemist\'s ritual every time, with the fear of getting a step wrong in the process, or of unexpectedly finding onself with unused jar in hand while still wearing the towel like a turban on the head, and wondering terrified: "And now, what do I do?"

There must be a solution to all this, we said.
Instead of holding 10 products in the shower rack and by the sink, why not creating a single product that performs 10 functions at the same time? Mission impossible, we initially thought. Then, slowly, we developed a formulation that performed three functions. We added that natural element, that active ingredient, and the functions become five, then six, then seven, until we reached that elusive goal of 10 functions. We tried 34 formulations before we hitting the one that could satisfy all stressed hair management needs.

At that point, we looked at each other and said "we really reached the top: 10 functions".
And so, TOP10 was born.
The cocktail of active ingredients was ready. With Jojoba oil for softening and polishing, Macadamia oil for nourishing and restructuring, and Green Tea extract for an antioxidant and strengthening action.

A few examples?
Applied to wet hair, it repairs and protects the tips.
Applied to curly hair in the days following shampooing, it removes the frizzy effect.
Applied to thin hair instead of the conditioner, it volumises and moisturises the entire hair length without weighing the hair down.

But let’s review all the 10 functions of TOP10
1 NURISHES brittle and dehydrated hair
2 REPAIRS damaged hair
3 DETANGLES difficult-to-comb hair
4 SOFTNES hair that is rough to the touch
5 POLISHES dull hair
6 PROTECTS the hair from external agents
7 LIGHTENS the hair and enhances hair colour
8 VOLUMISES the hair bestowing it more body
9 COMPACTS the hair stem avoiding split ends
10 KEEPS style in place longer

And how can you enjoy from all these properties?
In the simplest way you can ever imagine.
Spray TOP10 serum on the palm of your hand, mix it between your hands to warm it up and apply it to freshly washed and towel-dried hair. Spread TOP10 over the entire length of the hair and the tips, avoiding the scalp. Do not rinse and dry at a reduced temperature, without bringing the hair dryer too close to the hair.