Dry, brittle hair and split ends, even triple ones when things go wrong.

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Sooner or later it happens to almost every woman: dry, brittle hair and split ends, even triple ones when things go wrong.

Why does this happen? There are many possible reasons: stress, special moments such as pregnancy and menopause, nutritional deficiencies and genetic factors can lead to dry and brittle hair. But also the sun and saltiness, chlorine from the swimming pool, chemical treatments such as dyeing and especially bleaching, and styling at home with curling irons whose heat certainly does not help the health of our hair.

The physiological reason for this issue lies in the reduced production of sebum, which is the natural lubricant of the scalp. This drop in moisturising action must be compensated, and a very simple remedy is to drink more water every day: the body will become more hydrated, and part of this hydration will go to the hair!

Then it takes special care by following a few common sense rules:
- avoid high water temperature when washing your hair and end the rinse with a jet of cold water: it helps to close the cuticles, reactivating blood circulation to the scalp and providing a boost of energy to the hair
- speaking of heat, avoid the hair dryer and if you truly don’t want to do without it, keep it at low temperature and at a distance
- gently towel dry your hair after washing, without rubbing it strongly.

Brushing? OK but...
In case of dull and dry hair brushing helps. The gentle and regular brushing movement from root to tip helps to distribute the sebum from the scalp to the entire length of the hair, softening and making even the brittlest hair shinier. However, avoid narrow synthetic brushes where the hair gets caught and risks getting broken. It is better to use a wooden comb with wide teeth.

The golden rules
Repeat these rules, keep them in mind:
• Bye-bye plates and irons: I will take you to the basement, or put you up for sale!
• Ponytails and braids: only with soft ribbons and wide elastics, without stressing the hair
• Chemical treatments (dyeing and bleaching): it was good while it lasted, I will not miss you!
• I need to nourish my hair to moisturise and strengthen it.

Here’s the magic touch
Liquid Flax Seed Crystals is a restructuring treatment for dull, lifeless hair, ideal to prevent and counteract split ends.
It is based on flaxseed: the oil obtained is particularly rich in fatty acids, as well as Linoleic Acid, which helps to moisturise the hair, and Alpha Linoleic Acid, which keeps it elastic and resistant.
It is suitable for any type of hair, but particularly suitable and valuable for dry, brittle and damaged hair, to soften, nourish and give the hair new shine up to the tips.

The perfect ritual
Liquid Flax Seed Crystals is a selection of products specifically formulated for dull and lifeless hair. The beauty routine starts with the Shampoo, which bestows brightness and softness.
At this point it is the Liquid Flax Seed Crystals’ turn. This product creates a thin film around the hair, making it smooth, shiny and soft, preventing the formation of split ends. The Shine Spray is the final touch: sprayed on dry and already combed hair it creates wonderful light effects without weighing it or making it oily.

What is your goal?
Do you have split ends?
Just pour a few drops of Liquid Flax Seed Crystals on your fingertips and apply to damp hair. Do not rinse and dry, preferably naturally, or with a hair dryer set at minimum temperature and never too close to the hair. Repeat until all ends are treated.

Do you have electrified hair that goes all over the place?
Pour a few drops of Liquid Flax Seed Crystals on the palm of your hand and apply to hair from roots to ends for an immediate anti-static effect.

Do you wish shiny, full-bodied hair?
Pour a few drops of Liquid Flax Seed Crystals on the palm of your hand and two sprays of Natural Volume Hairspray. Massage to blend the two products and move through length and ends.