Beauty routine for extra-curly hair: 3 things you should know (and do)

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Let's start with the shampoo.
How to shampoo properly? Wet the hair abundantly, apply the shampoo in the palm of your hand and distribute only on your scalp. The lengths do not require much product and will be cleaned by the shampoo without the need to rub it in. 
Massage the skin with circular and soft movements, rinse and repeat. 
Once all the shampoo is rinsed out, gently dab the hair without rubbing it.

Now it’s time for the Curly Hair Fluid. Apply a small amount of product on the palm of your hand, warm it by rubbing it between your hands and spread from the tips up to the scalp, gently squeezing the hair. Apply the Curly Hair Fluid evenly. 

How should you dry curly hair?
Go easy with that hair dryer!
The hair dryer hot air can cause issues to all kinds of hair - and curly hair in particular - making them dry, frizzy and full of split ends. If you don\'t want to dry your hair naturally or with plopping, use a diffuser and dry at medium temperature. And how should you dry your hair with the hair dryer?
Head-down, moving your hair left and right without touching it too much.
Once dry, move your hair roots with your hands, and, if necessary, apply some more Curly Hair Fluid on lengths and tips. 

What about at night? Pineapple!
Sleeping on your curly hair is a disaster waiting to happen.
During the night, they are likely to tangle, creating inextricable knots. Or the part of your head that rests on the pillow flattens out, creating an unpleasant asymmetry with the rest of the head.
The solution is called Pineapple. Pull your hair back on the top of your head and tie them with a hair band, without over-tightening it, a couple of turns at most. Your head will look like a pineapple, and your hair will regain its natural shape in the morning.
Okay, it\'s not very sexy for a night of passion, but you\'ll reap the benefits the morning after, when you’ll just need to move the roots head-down with your hands, moisten the lengths and reshape the locks with a few drops of Curly Hair Fluid, if necessary, to restore the hair volume.