No Gas Natural
Volume Hairspray

Exclusive version for beauty shops of Cielo Alto’s most popular hairspray, it ensures a natural volume effect, shine and hair protection. Eco-friendly no gas hairspray with natural fixing effect. Quick drying.
- Shapes your hair without weighing it down.
- It ensures volume and hold.
- It doesn't stick and comes off with a brush stroke.

FORMAT 250 ml / 75 ml

Lacca Volumi Naturali


Spray on your hair from 20 cm away.

To shape:
- Spray on wet hair and dry.

To make the hair less volatile:
- Spray on the palm of your hand and run it between your hair.

For volume boost:
- Spray on the roots.

To give special shapes:
- Spray on the hair strands and hold until dry.

For fixing and shine effect:
- Spray evenly on your hairstyle.

Lacca Ecologica Volumizzante}

Eco-Friendly No Gas
Volumizing Hairspray

Long-lasting volumizing fixing, shine and hair protection.

Lacca Ecologica Lock}

Eco-Friendly No Gas
Lock Hairspray

Strong and long-lasting fixative effect, shine and hair protection.

Lacca Silk tenuta leggere}

Eco-Friendly No Gas
Silk Hairspray

Light and soft fixative effect, shine and hair protection.